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Get the book "A Ball & a Dream" for any student athlete looking to have an Intercollegiate Athletics career and any young adult who needs practical tips to navigate life's through challenges without excuses. Make your next move count!! 
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TJ Sports Complete, Inc.

TJ Sports
Contact: Tamica Smith Jones, Author, Speaker, D1 Director of Intercollegiate Athletics
Telephone: 9513130614
Address: 2505 Sagemore Court
Conyers , GA 30094
Web Site:
TJ Jones
Industries: Author

Former collegiate basketball star’s memoir
a message about seizing second chances
‘A Ball and a Dream’ hits bookshelves in 2017

ATLANTA (June 1, 2017) – God gives second chances and we can’t be afraid to take the opportunities we’re given in life. That’s the message a former collegiate basketball star presents in her memoir, A Ball and Dream.

A Ball and a Dream, by Tamica Smith Jones, the Athletic Director at the University of California Riverside, was published by MEWE, LLC, located in the metropolitan area of Atlanta, GA.

Circumstances, choices and missteps along the way seem poised to make life difficult and threaten to derail dreams, but instead Jones finds that when one path closes another opportunity presents itself.

“You must believe that you can overcome any situation or circumstance. When you fall, never stay down,” Jones writes about the obstacles she encountered and the turns her life took while pursuing her ambitions. “Get back up, and go in a different direction. It is also important that although stressed, distressed and sometimes depressed, you acknowledge that ‘greater is He that is within me then He that is in the world’ ” (1 John 4:4).

Her parents’ divorce when she was young leads to the blessing of a blended family. As a college transfer student athlete she found nurture needed as a young girl and provided more illustrations of hope by her coaches, professors and administrators at a Historically Black College & University.

Jones writes about her life’s high points – success on the basketball court, marriage, the birth of her children – as well as the lows she goes through – lashing out at a fellow student and having to change schools as a result, and later, struggles in her career such as unemployment and questionable employment practices. Jones’ course in life is anything but a smooth journey, but she has faith that God is guiding her.

God gives second chances, Jones writes, and she advises readers not to shy away from pursuing new opportunities so long as the effort is made to stay in His will.

She writes: “Throughout my life, I have learned that there are two wills of God, His permissive will and His perfect will. I think that with permissive will, He allows us to make choices that are based on our own command. These choices and experiences could prove to turn out bad, but God allows it. However, I think that opens the doors of opportunity at every step. Even if things look like they are not going well, I like to say ‘it is working for your good’” (Romans 8:28).

A Ball and a Dream is available in paperback and eBook online through Amazon, Barnes and Noble and wherever books are sold.

“[Jones’] frankness about the choices and consequences she made along the journey frees one to move in faith not fear,” said Bishop Ruth W. Smith of Light of the World, about A Ball and a Dream. “God proves through Dr. Smith Jones’ story that He is the God of another chance. This book is a must read for anyone who has a vision and need to be inspired to keep going.”

This is the first book by Jones. The Atlanta native of resides in California with her family, who fully support her in ministry. To contact Jones about a speaking engagement, send an email to

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